Maps prepared for the WNARSP are intended to show the locations of plants growing in the wild that have been accepted by the Project committee and entered into a Microsoft ACCESS database. The locations are mapped using Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software named "Maptitude" made by the Caliper Corporation..

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This technology engages one or more layers to display different species one at a time, or multiple species, by adding more layers. The advantage of computerized mapping is that the maps are constantly updated and can be modified with different background, scale and color to fit the intended use.

The maps you are viewing on this web site are small, static versions of maps of species specially created to load and display quickly over the Internet. The search and zoom features are preset to accommodate users unfamiliar with the technology. Visitors who desire more detailed information are encouraged to obtain copies of our articles published in the Journal of the American Rhododendron Society by contacting the WNARS Project.