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R. albiflorum
Corral Pass, Norse Creek Wilderness, Cascade Mtns, Washington
by Prudence Holliger

Subgenus Candidastrum

Deciduous shrub, to 2m. Leaves elliptic to oblanceolate, to 8 x 2.5cm, margin minutely toothed, midrib and margin ciliate at first, becoming glabrous.

Flowers 1-2 spaced along the previous year's shoots, white, bowl-shaped, almost regular, 20mm across, tube short, lobes spreading; stamens 10(-12).



Canada, western USA

1,200 - 2,300m

Source: The Rhododendron Handbook 1998; Published by the Royal Horticulture Society

R. albiflorum
Paradise, MRNP, Washington
by Ted Peterschmidt

R. albiflorum
Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Mtns, Washington
by Hank Helm

R. albiflorum
Sunrise Lake, MRNP, Washington
by Dennis Hendrickson