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R. groenlandicum
by Dennis Hendrickson
Nellita Rd on Kitsap Peninsula near Hood Canal, Washington

Subgenus Rhododendron
Section Rhododendron
Subsection Ledum

Erect shrub, 0.5 - 2m; young shoots ferrugineous-lanate. Leaves 1.2-6 x 0.5-1.5cm, linear-elliptic, margins revolute, upper surface dark green, lower surface with a thickly ferrugineous lanate indumentum that usually conceals the midrib, epidermis papillose covered with short white setulose hairs, scales dense, rimless, golden, intermixed with red-brown glands; petioles 1-5mm.

Flowers numerous in a loose terminal umbellate corymb; calyx minute, corolla white, rotate, 4-8mm; stamens 7-10; ovary glandular, style glabrous.



Greenland, Canada, northern USA


Source: The Rhododendron Handbook 1998; Published by the Royal Horticulture Society


R. groenlandicum

Nellita Rd on Kitsap Peninsula
, Washington
by Hank Helm

R. groenlandicum
South of Seabeck on Kitsap Peninsula, Washington
by Hank Helm