Subgenus Pentanthera
Section Pentanthera
Subsection Pentanthera

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R. occidentale
by Peter Raulerson

Deciduous shrub or small tree, to 8(-10)m; young twigs glabrous to densely covered with gland-tipped and/or eglandular hairs. Leaves (2.5-)3.4-8.2(-10.8) x (0.8-)1.2-2.9(-3.6)cm, ovate to obovate to elliptic, lower surface usually covered with unicellular and gland-tipped multicellular hairs.

Flower bud scales with outer surface covered with unicellular and eglandular or gland-tipped multicellular hairs. margin ciliate with gland-tipped or eglandular hairs. Pedicels covered with hairs that are usually gland-tipped.

Flowers with a sweet fragrance appearing with the leaves or after they have expanded; calyx 1-4(-9)mm; corolla white and pink to salmon or pink, with an orange blotch on the upper corolla lobe; funnelform, with tube gradually expanding into the limb, 30-60mm. Capsule sparsely covered with eglandular or gland-tipped hairs.

-10 to 0F


Western USA (Oregon and California), sea level - 2,700m.

Source: The Rhododendron Handbook 1998; Published by the Royal Horticulture Society

R. occidentale 'Mini Skirt'
Smith/Mossman #157 (an unusual form)
by Peter Raulerson

R. occidentale
Fall color
by Dennis Hendrickson

R. occidentale
Southern Oregon, east of hwy 101
by Hank Helm